Studio Policies for Private Lessons

Monthly tuition is due before the first lesson of the month. Tuition can be paid via an email invoice prior to the first lesson of the month. Other options for payments are: Check payable to 'NSA Music Studio' or cash. A late charge of $25 will be added after a 7 day grace period after the payment due date. Lessons will not be scheduled/continued until balance is paid.

A $25 semester fee (non-refundable) will be issued at the beginning of each semester which covers operational expenses, recitals & materials. The semester being August 1st - December 31st, and January 1st -May 31st. The semester fee will be added to the August tuition invoice with a note from NSA Music Studio.

NSA Music Studio will allow 1 absence per semester (Semester I being August 1 - December 31, and Semester II being January 1-May 31). Make-up lessons will take place during a week in December and a week in June. Make-up lesson will be given during the student's scheduled lesson time. Once the student has more than 1 absence per semester, no make up lesson will be given and tuition is not credited for cancelled or missed lessons. Please inform NSA Music Studio if student will miss a certain date(s) due to an event (school, sports, vacation or other) prior to monthly billing. If no prior notice is given, all lessons for that month will be scheduled and billed.

Due to the number of students with NSA Music Studio, email will be the preferred method of communication. Text messages can be difficult to keep track of and archive. Please use email for questions regarding lessons, schedules, reporting an absence or general information rather than texting. Email:

CONTACT NSA MUSIC STUDIO VIA TEXT OR PHONE ON LESSON SCHEDULED DAY  If you are running late, have a family emergency or unable to attend lesson

Parents and students are responsible to arrive for scheduled lessons on time.  Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early so student can unpack and have all materials (books and music) ready for the lesson. In the case of tardiness, a student’s lesson will end at the scheduled time. Unfortunately, this means they will not receive their full lesson.  Parent/Guardian and/or older sibling must be present for the lesson. We have a waiting room for parents.

For Skype/FaceTime lessons the student is responsible to contact instructor when lesson is scheduled to start. Students are given a 15 minute window for virtual lesson, if it goes past 15 minutes the lesson time will be forfeited and make up credit will not be given.

****We want you to be safe. For inclement weather, lessons will be done via FaceTime or a FaceTime comparable app******

If a student is absent and no contact is made to NSA Music Studio, it is considered a "no show" and lesson payment will be forfeited this also includes make up lessons. NSA does not give a make-up lesson for missed make-up lesson.

Parents are allowed in the lesson room, however, this is not a time to co-teach with any of our instructors. If your child is younger (ages 4-6), we encourage you to quietly take notes. Any questions for the instructor(s) should be asked during your child's lesson time or via email.  Please do not ask questions after the lesson as we must respect the time of the next student scheduled.

In the event an instructor is unable to attend a lesson, a lesson credit will be given for the following month tuition.

Parents/Students at all times must respect & listen to instructors guidance for student(s) (playing/practicing/or techniques) any disrepectful behavior/remarks towards instructor(s) from parents or students will be subject to a lesson dismissal and/or termination from lessons. No portion of the tuition paid will be refunded if terminated from studio. Students with younger siblings will be expected to behave properly and supervised by parent(s) in the waiting area during the students' lessons this will eliminate distractions during lesson (ex: slamming doors, loud talking, loud laughing, excessive volume on media devices, exploring beyond the waiting area).

Students are expected to practice their lesson materials at least 4-5 times per week.  Practice time should match lesson time (30 minutes or 1 hour). Instructors will give instructions on how long practice must be for little ones (ages 4-6). Since the student only sees their instructor once a week, it is imperative, for their musical growth, that they practice regularly. Parents are responsible for holding child accountable to practice at least 4-5 times per week. Please note that the scheduled lesson is not the student's practice time. If a student is frequently attending lessons without being prepared, it is the instructors obligation to speak with the student and/or parents about proper practice habits. If lack of lesson preparation persists, the student will be subject to a lesson dismissal and/or termination from lessons.

A two week notice is required for discontinuing lessons. No portion of the tuition paid will be refunded or prorated. If student discontinues lessons prior to the end of the semester, when make-ups are given, the make-up credit is no longer valid. If you "no show" at the beginning of a semester, and no contact is made, we assume you are discontinuing lessons and  your lesson slot will be forfeited.

NSA Music Studio will hold a December and May recital. This is your child's opportunity to shine. Students become more confident in their playing at each recital.

Parents/Students must notify NSA Music Studio as soon as possible of any change in address, contact number & other information or changes in students schedules (student activities/vacation time/work).

NSA Music Studio policies will be updated as needed during the 2019-2020 lesson year